We offer certifications in open source technologies to promote the business development for companies and to create more opportunities for individuals in the IT industry. We are a third-party, non-profit organisation with no financial investment in these technologies.

You can take these tests at thousands of centers around the world. Find a center near you and get certified.

LinuC(Linux) "Linux Professional Certification" by LPI-Japan
OSS-DB (PostgreSQL) "OSS-DB Professional Certification for PostgreSQL professionals" by LPI-Japan
OPCEL(OpenStack) "OpenStack Professional Certification Exam" by LPI-Japan
HTML5 "HTML5 Professional Certification" by LPI-Japan

Why Get Certified?

These days it is increasingly hard to confirm an IT professional's skills before bringing them on-board. As an IT professional it is increasingly hard to stand out. Becoming certified allows IT professionals to prove their capabilities beyond doubt, which makes them a more desirable candidate to hire. As an IT professional, acquiring a certification motivates you to improve your own skills and boost your career.

LPI-Japan certifies professionals in the technology areas of open source and HTML5 to nurture and grow expertise in these areas. Furthermore, as an NPO, LPI-Japan can remain neutral by having no financial ties to the technologies it offers certifications in.